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Set national standards for EI

Posted November 9, 2011

Article source Toronto Star

From a Toronto Star editorial:

Ontario lost 75,000 full-time jobs last month -- by far the biggest loss among the provinces. As many of these laid-off workers now turn to the employment insurance (EI) program for help, can they count on a program adequate for Ontario’s tough times? The evidence says no.

Under the current system, EI benefits are more easily available, and for longer, in regions with high unemployment rates, such as rural New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, than in regions with low ones, such as Ontario's urban centres. For example, a manufacturing worker who loses his or her job in Oshawa would need to have worked for 630 hours to qualify for between 18 and 42 weeks of benefits, whereas a similar worker in Sydney, N.S., would need to have worked for only 420 hours to qualify for between 32 and 45 weeks of benefits.

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